Fifth Nereis Park Conference "Biological modification of the seabed: biogeochemical and ecological processes in a changing world" Southampton Campus (Stony Brok University, NY, USA) - August 2017

Student conference awards:


Ian Dwyer: Taking pictures of mud: bioturbation in action.

Erni Murniati: Imaging bioirrigation using a novel lifetime-based laser induced fluorescence (TLIF) technique.

Ludovic Pascal: Parasitism of engineer species: a key factor of marine ecosystem functioning?

Encouragement Awards

Annabelle Dairain: Parasite interference with bioturbation activity: a study of trace-metal remobilization.

Xiaoyu Fang: Spatial and temporal variation in bioirrigation and bioturbation and relationships with environmental variables along the estuarine gradient of the Schelde estuary.

Kara Gadeken: The effect of macrofaunal behavioral responses to a diurnal oxygen cycle on sediment metabolism.