Sixth Nereis Park Conference "Bioturbation in past and present: from terrestrial to marine ecosystems"

Logonna-Daoulas (France; 22nd-26th August 2022)

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Encouragements Award

Isabelle COOPER: Applying 224Ra/228Th Disequilibrium to Investigate Faunal Contributions to Benthic Flux Processes

Poster Awards

Madeline FREY: Distinguishing between mixing modalities of a small deposit feeder

Nanou GOEDEFROO: The impact of sand extraction on sediment biogeochemistry: preliminary results of an experimental approach.

Talk Awards

Anais RICHARD: Bioturbation impact of estuarine benthic macrofauna on microphytobenthos dynamics

Matthias KREUZBURG: Bioturbation as an essential process for Carbon Dioxide Removal Techniques

Mohammad WAZNE: Microplastics in the freshwater ecosystem: implications for Tubifex tubifex and its ecological functioning