Second Nereis Park Conference "Bioturbation: An update on Darwin’s last idea" Renesse (The Netherlands) - August 2008

Student conference awards:

Best PhD Talk

Gil Penha-Lopes: Effects of domestic sewage dosing on epifaunal bioturbation in mangrove sediments.

Poster Award

Agnes Karlson: Effects of bioturbation on benthic recruitment of Nodularia spumigena.

Best visual Poster

Olivier Maire: Indirect effects of non-lethal predation on sediment bioturbation.

Broad Impact Poster

Ines Heisterkamp: Nitrous oxide emission by marine macrofauna.

Most Integrative Poster

Bjarte Hannisdal: Exploring the impact of bioturbation on seascape evolution using Sedflux-2.0.

Most Integrative Poster

Bon Joo Koo: Complex Burrows of the mud shrimp Laomedia Astacina and their geochemical implications in the tidal sediments.