First Nereis Park Conference "Bioturbation: The Ever Changing Seafloor" Carry-le-Rouet (France) - November 2004

Student conference awards:

Best Poster

Aurelie Ciutat: Influence of cockle density and water current on sediment resuspension and the potential for release of contaminants.

Best Student Poster

Michael Townsend: An experimental investigation into the relationship between bioturbator diversity and ecosystem function.

Honorable mention

Marie Gagnoud: Axial tomodensitometry (Cat-scan): a non-destructive method enabling sedimentary facies analysis of glaciomarine mud. & Sally Marsh Measuring, mapping and modelling bioturbation and denitrification.

Most Courageous Poster

Karl Norling: Importance of functional group biodiversity for mineralization of organic matter in two benthic ecosystems: the Baltic Sea and the Skagerrak.