August 2000: Nereis Park web page launched

18th April 2001: Statement of the "Original 41" members

March 2002: some of us met at the Benthic Dynamics Conference at Aberdeen

17th May 2002: Nereis Park registered as non profit making association Read the statutes

9th September 2002: Nereis Park web domain activated

November 6-9, 2004: First Nereis Park Conference "Bioturbation: The Ever Changing Seafloor" in Carry-le-Rouet (France) - Pdf version of the conference book

May 2006: Death of Gaston Desrosiers , one of the guys that instigated the creation of the Nereis Park.

September 2006: preparation of the First Nereis Park Experiment for Spring 2007

Spring 2007: the First Nereis Park Experiment started

November 2007: 10 000 visits to the Nereis Park website

August 23-27, 2008: the Second Nereis Park Conference"Bioturbation: An update on Darwin’s last idea" in Renesse (The Netherlands). Pdf version of the conference program. Thanks to Filip and Jack.

January 2009: Nereis Park Newsletter #0 published .

August 29-31, 2011: The Third Nereis Park Conference "Benthic processes in a globally changing environment" in Kristineberg Marine Station (Sweden). Pdf version of the abstract book. Thanks to Pia, Sanna, Susan, Mia, Stina, Hanna, Karl and Rutger.

July 7-10, 2014: The Fourth Nereis Park Conference in Plymouth Marine laboratory (UK). Pdf version of the abstract book here and here. Thanks to Ana, Steve, Jasmin, Mart, Kelly-Marie, Samantha, James, Vassilis, Helen, Nick, Karen, Beverly.

np August 8-11, 2017: The Fifth Nereis Park Conference in Southampton (NY, USA). Pdf version of the abstract book. Thanks to Josie, Bob, Nils and Qing and the conference crew.